Well Woman Care

Well-woman Healthcare is provided to help you be the healthiest woman you can be! A holistic approach is taken so that your individual needs can be discussed and addressed.  Nutrition and exercise are cornerstones of good health, so time is spent on nutritional and exercise counseling. We also offer information about contraception options, including hormonal or non-hormonal methods, can help identify and treat sexually transmitted infections, or other non-sexually related infections, and can help sort out menstrual issues. We also address cervical health, which includes a pap smear, and breast health, which can include learning how to do a breast self-exam, and if desired a referral for a mammogram or a thermogram.


Adolescent Healthcare is one of my passions. I love working with young women to help them make good solid decisions regarding their lifestyle their sexual health. I have a lot of experience working with teens as the school nurse at Asheville High school and as the mother of two daughters, who are now young women. I try to make well-woman health care a fun and educational experience!


Preconceptual Counseling is offered so that you may to take steps to be in good health before you conceive your baby, and to address any health concerns before conception.


Peri-Menopausal and Post-Menopausal counseling is provided to help you navigate the changes in your body during this pivotal time in a woman’s life. Whole food nutrition, with an emphasis on evolving towards a more plant-based diet, herbs, exercise, meditation and yoga can be our allies as we move forward into the adventures and lessons that life has to offer all of us. We will delve into options that best support your optimal health and well-being.