Postpartum Care

~AFTER YOUR BABY IS BORN, at some point a newborn exam will be performed, which can be deferred to the next day. We will weigh and measure your baby and assist in initial breastfeeding, and will make sure that both you and the baby are stable before leaving your home. A midwife or assistant midwife will stop by your home the FIRST and THIRD DAYS after birth to make sure all is well with both you and your baby and that breastfeeding is going well. We will assist in contacting a lactation consultant if you need additional breastfeeding support. We are available during the first weeks after the birth to answer questions and provide support.


~TWO WEEK VISIT: This is either a home or office visit to check in with you, to see how breastfeeding is going, how you are feeling overall, and if you have any concerns. This also a good time to talk about the birth after having some time to process all that happened.


~SIX WEEK VISIT At this visit we will discuss birth control options (if not done previously), check that the fundus of your uterus is below your pubic bone, and do a pap smear if this was deferred until after the birth. This visit is a celebration of the great journey that you are embarking on as a new mother! Although the more formal care will come to a close, we will still be available in the future if you have questions, concerns or need extra support.