Prenatal Care

~Prenatal care is so important! In addition to checking on the physical well-being of you and your baby, we take the time to really get to know you and your partner and other family members. We want to understand your hopes, your fears, and the vision for your birth. We want to know what is most important to you when planning the homebirth of your baby and your postpartum time. Each visit we talk about whatever is on your mind, answer whatever questions you may have, and offer solutions for common pregnancy discomforts at each stage of pregnancy. We can refer you to many excellent birth and postpartum doulas in the area, who can then offer an additional level of support and education. If you have given birth before, especially if it was a traumatic birth – emotionally and/or physically-we listen to your stories with empathy and try our best to help you move forward in your healing process. Birth is such a pivotal and transformational time in a woman’s life and can bring up a lot of strong emotions.

~Prenatal visits take place either in your home or in the Asheville Birth office. If you live nearby, we may do all prenatal visits in your home. We generally do monthly visits until 28 weeks gestation, bi-weekly visits until 36 weeks gestation, and weekly visits until you give birth. If we have been meeting in the office, at least one prenatal visit will be in your home around 36-37 weeks, when we will bring over a birth pool (if you want a water birth) and get to know your family and pets. Visits include measuring your baby’s size, taking your blood pressure, checking your urine, doing a weight check, and listening to your baby’s heart rate. If a health problem arises, we seek solutions with you as an equal partner in decision making, and make sure you are truly informed about the benefits and risks of any test or procedure. We can offer certain prenatal screenings such as the Quad screen through our partnership with Labcorp.

~We focus on optimal nutrition and fluid intake during your pregnancy, and can give focused nutritional counseling that is individualized to you and your eating habits, including vegetarian and vegan diets. We recommend specific herbs or foods to rectify certain situations.

~ We discuss the possibility of transport to a hospital in case a situation arises that needs a higher level of care than can be given at home. We ask you to map out the fastest route to the nearest hospital whether transport is by car or ambulance. We try to anticipate issues and transport before an actual emergency arises.

Lab Work:  In-office lab work includes checking the blood type and Rh status for you the and the father if indicated, checking your hemoglobin and hematocrit, checking your urine for 11 different values – glucose, protein, specific gravity among them, and microscopy.

~ Prenatal laboratory tests are done through the Labcorp office in Asheville. This is advantageous because you can use your insurance to cover the cost of the tests. Medicaid covers all           standard laboratory tests. Some non-routine tests may not be covered by insurance or Medicaid, such as the Harmony Screen. A list of test fees is available if you do not have insurance. The specific tests available are discussed beforehand as you may not desire to be tested for “everything.”