Giving birth in the comfort of your home is a beautiful experience. You can go to sleep, wake up, give birth to a baby, and then go back to sleep with a sweet smelling newborn tucked under your arm. There is no need to interrupt your labor trance by having to drive somewhere else and enter an institution with bright lights, strict protocols, and people you have not met before. Giving birth in a birth center is a wonderful option as well, but to me, as Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, “There is no place like home.”


Home birth is appropriate for women with no significant health issues, who do not smoke cigarettes or use any type of “street” drugs, and who wholeheartedly embrace the choice of giving birth at home. These are women (and their partners) who have researched their options and have made an educated choice to have a home birth. They are excited and inspired to be an active participant in their health care as they prepare for the birth of their baby.


if you would like a WATERBIRTH we will bring a pool to your home. If you plan a water birth you will need to purchase a disposable pool liner which fits our pool. We have a custom birth kit of supplies registered with Precious Arrows, a North Carolina company. The birth kit can be modified since you may already have some supplies on hand.


We try to promote a quiet and serene environment for your labor. Your autonomy as the birthing mother is paramount, and we trust the instinctive knowledge of your body. We are mammals, and female mammals all need privacy and must feel safe to give birth optimally. We guard the sanctity of your space and keep any intrusions into your “birth trance” to the barest minimum, such as periodically checking the heart rate of your baby. We understand the hormones at play in your body during labor which allow you to give birth physiologically, tuned in to your body’s messages during each phase of labor, which can flow seamlessly into each other.


We stand as life guards for you and your baby. We stand in the background and do not interfere in your process, unless we feel that we can offer some helpful assistance, or if you ask for our help. Our role is to be active observers, with our intuition and knowledge guiding our observations. We use our midwifery skills as needed to resolve problems. At times we may determine that transport to a hospital is the best option for you and your baby, and will facilitate the transfer so that it goes smoothly. We have the capacity to fax your medical record to the hospital ahead of your transfer and will talk to an attending doctor so that they will know why we are coming in and will be ready to take over the next step in your care. If possible, we will accompany you to the hospital.


Home birth is a sweet family oriented experience! Siblings are welcome at birth if you wish, For younger children, it is a good idea to have a dedicated adult who can take them to a different room if needed. It is your birth! Create the ambiance you want with light, music, art, and scent. Create a special environment that will forever be a part of your memories of your child’s Birth Day.